Biomimetic Haptic Sensation for Robotic Prostheses

A Somatotopic Non Invasive Proprioceptive Feedback Strategy for Robotic Hand Prosthesis Users

This project is aimed at developing a non-invasive strategy for the somatotopic and real-time restoration of proprioceptive perception for upper limb prosthesis users. The results of this project will be used in designing more effective hand prostheses. 

Hand Gesture Recognition for Robotic Prostheses

Electromyography-Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Assistive Robots Using Deep Learning

In this project, a motion intention classifiers for transradial (TR) amputees is developed based on EMG data by implementing various deep learning models. The result can be useful for patients with neuromotor deficits to control an assistive robotic arm to help them with their activities of daily living.