MEC3305 - Analysis and Control of Dynamic Systems

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    • Modelling of dynamic systems

    • Linearization techniques

    • Transfer function concept

    • Functional diagram

    • Time response

    • Static and dynamic characteristics of dynamic systems

    • Stability concept and Root locus technique

    • Frequency response

    • Basic control concepts

    • Examples of servomechanisms

    • Advantages and disadvantages of slave systems

    • Correction of dynamic systems using PID controllers

    • Case study. Computer simulations and laboratory exercises

MEC8358 - Mechatronics II

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    • Modeling of mechatronic systems.

    • State representation.

    • Discretization of dynamic equations.

    • Numerical control structure.

    • Analysis and design of mechatronic systems.

    • Interfacing of microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors (DSP).

    • Communication protocols.

    • Real-time programming.

    • Design of mechatronic systems based on microprocessors, microcontrollers and signal processors.

    • Case study.

MEC8371 - Dynamic Measurement and Modelling

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    • Dynamic Modelling: foundations and methodology

    • Metrological characteristics of dynamic measurements

    • Operation of dynamic sensors

    • Response to dynamic signals

    • Digital signal processing in real time

    • Systems dynamics and dynamic identification

    • Experimental studies of dynamic phenomena

    • Summary case under investigation